Email campaign management


What is email campaign management?

Email campaign management is everything involved in setting up, executing, and monitoring an email campaign, from segmenting audience lists to building journeys, writing copy, even coding the email and analyzing A/B testing data. And with cross-channel marketing, email campaign management might be assumed to include various other digital channels like mobile push and SMS, as they would be built in the same UI.

Why is email campaign management important?

With the right platform and strategic approach, email campaign management allows you to build sophisticated messaging campaigns that are tailored to the individuals in your database based upon what you know about them, then hone in on your messaging via smart use of testing and analytics to better understand where to make adjustments in future campaigns.

What should I look for in an email campaign management platform?

Some of the basic functionality is a drag-and-drop UI for building emails and segmenting audiences, easy personalization options, a visual customer journey builder, and analytics to see how your campaigns are performing. For enterprise organizations, a platform that connects directly to your data warehouse should be a priority in order to provide better security, deeper personalization, eliminated data silos, lower I.T. involvement, a happier marketing team, and greatly reduced data storage costs.