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Find Your Buyers

To maximize the impact of your email marketing program, you need to reach customers who are ready to buy from you and, more importantly, when they’re ready to do it. And you know the traditional cloud runs aground at scale. MessageGears helps you quickly develop email programs that target customers at the critical points that matter in the buyer’s journey.

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True Real-Time Email Marketing

Time is of the essence when a customer is on the verge of making a purchase. Don’t let data lag cause you to miss your opportunity to give a customer that last nudge you need to make a sale.


Improved Marketing Agility

You don’t have days, weeks, or months to waste when you need to add a data field or make another change to your email campaign. You need to move ahead to stay in front of your competition, and grow your potential.


Maintain Control Over Your Data

You have massive amounts of internal data spread out across multiple systems. MessageGears lets you access it in place, to build customized campaigns at scale, with a full 360-degree view of the customer.

Unlike offline channels, digital marketing gives companies a chance to test various elements and get immediate feedback on what subscribers and customers are interested in, along with how they’ll respond to different variations. Online testing, especially with regard to email, has never been easier.

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