Addressing the Unique Needs of the Enterprise Marketer

MessageGears understands the distinct messaging challenges facing today’s large B2C organizations and has developed a platform that works the way they do, helping them better connect with their customers and reshape their future growth.

Direct Data Access

Your marketing database stays in place; no more copying to a marketing cloud. MessageGears’ marketing tools live behind your firewall with your data, ending costly and inefficient data syncs.

True Real-Time Marketing

With just one copy of your customer data, you can send responsive, personalized campaigns using what your customer did in the past few minutes rather than waiting for a data sync to happen.

Marketing Agility

Because your email platform lives on your system, once you add a field to your marketing database, it’s available in MessageGears. So you can make campaign changes in mere minutes.

Operational Efficiency

Reclaim all the time your Marketing and IT teams spend dealing with the inefficiencies of traditional cloud solutions, and put it toward refining your message and supercharging your email marketing.

Hybrid Email: Rethinking ESP Technology


You know email is the ROI king. You’ve tried to take your email marketing to the next level, and you’ve seen the promise of traditional cloud services break down at scale. You’re ready. It’s time to take the governor off your email marketing team and allow them to put the pedal to the floor with a hybrid solution that lets them take advantage of both a platform that lives on your own database, and the cloud to efficiently get millions of emails out the door. You need true, real-time data that you control from start to finish. You need to reclaim the time you’ve been spending overcoming the traditional cloud service’s shortcomings. You need to rethink email marketing.

Is MessageGears Right for My Business?

Our hybrid solution overcomes the inherent limitations of marketing cloud email systems. If your organization meets some of the criteria listed below, we should talk.

Hybrid email marketing helps retail

Primarily B2C

You’re with a consumer-facing brand that needs to send highly personalized marketing messages.

Any time you copy your data between the cloud and your system, the security of that data is compromised; hybrid email marketing keeps your customer data safe by never forcing you to copy it and send it beyond your firewall

CRM/Data is Local

Your company’s primary marketing database or CRM lives on site (behind a firewall) or in a private cloud.

Hybrid ESPs like MessageGears are the next generation of ESP, taking the best of on-premises software that allows you to keep full control over your data at all times with the limitless sending power of the cloud

High-Volume Needs

Your organization sends at least ten million marketing and transactional messages per month.

Powering a Personalized Customer Experience

This isn’t your grandfather’s “personalization.” Years ago, it might have been enough to use [fname] to get a recipient to feel special. But you’re an advanced email marketer who’s moved way beyond that. Today’s personalization is about creating an experience, one that’s seamless for the customer from your website to their inbox, where you’re sending them content specific to their individualized interests, wants, needs, and browsing history. Hours or days of data lag, though, can cripple your ability to personalize at the necessary level, and quickly erode customer trust. We can get you over that hurdle.


Easily Create Audiences Using Live Data

When you don’t have to sync your data with the cloud, you can build campaigns at whatever speed makes sense for your business.

Automate Dynamic Personalized Campaigns

Unleash your email marketing teams’ potential with highly personalized campaigns that wow your customers and generate sales. Don’t be held back by stale data or multi-tenant systems that can’t keep up with the customer experience you want to deliver.


Automate Dynamic Personalized Campaigns

Unleash your email marketing teams’ potential with highly personalized campaigns that wow your customers and generate sales. Don’t be held back by stale data or multi-tenant systems that can’t keep up with the customer experience you want to deliver.

Accelerating Growth in Top Industries

MessageGears’ solution is uniquely suited to the needs of enterprise B2C organizations sending 10 million or more emails each month. These companies have seen the traditional cloud’s promises run dry. They’ve felt the pain of seeing a competitor have more sophisticated email personalization than they can accomplish. They’ve wasted months on email campaigns they could have launched in days or even hours. Their growth is stunted, and they’re losing ground. The hybrid solution is exactly what they need.


You need to reach your customers when they’re ready to travel and with the right message.

MessageGears' technology allows enterprise retail businesses overcome the limits of cloud-based services to send timely, personalized email at scale to their customers

Your customers’ data is sacred, and you can’t risk sending it back and forth to the cloud just to get your emails out.

Hybrid email marketing can help retail companies by helping them strike while the iron's hot, reaching their customers with relevant messages at the time when they're in the mindset to buy

When consumers need that last nudge to become customers, MessageGears gives you the tools to be ready.

MessageGears helps enterprise technology companies keep up with the pace of their competitors and reach their customers with messages that build loyalty and brand trust

When you’re in tech, you can’t be hamstrung by the limitations of traditional cloud ESP solutions.