The Cross-Channel Marketing Guide for Driving Customer Loyalty

Using cross-channel marketing to boost customer lifetime value

Customer marketing places a focus on retaining customers rather than simply acquiring new ones – after all, acquiring a new customer is 5x more expensive than selling to a current one. And as many enterprise brands double down on investing in retention, it’s become clearer than ever that a cohesive, cross-channel strategy is critical to successfully driving loyalty. 

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The world's biggest brands are seeing the results of cross-channel marketing done right.
OpenTable Communications
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Mastering cross-channel messaging is a game-changer for big brands

“Now we know who was sent Google Ads immediately. We know what [platforms] we were able to send data segments to, and we know immediately who was sent which emails, so that we can exclude one from the other as far as channels go.”

–Joseph Lee, Director of Marketing Technology at OpenTable

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