Multi-Page In-App Messages

May 26, 2022

Forging a connection with customers on mobile isn’t easy. In 2019, 25% of apps downloaded by users worldwide were accessed just once after download, and only 32% of users will launch an app more than 10 times.



Therefore, supporting and engaging your mobile app users is critical, not just on the first app launch, but at every stage of the relationship.

That’s why at MessageGears, we continue to refine our industry-leading solutions for customer onboarding, retention, and engagement.

Since launching In-App Messaging, a number of our customers have requested the functionality to create rich, personalized, multi-page experiences for a range of use cases.

Thanks to your feedback, we’re incredibly excited to announce our latest product feature release—Pages.

Multi-Page In-App Messages

This new feature transforms the way you engage users inside your app. In-app Pages are a powerful solution that use multi-screen in-app messages to guide users through everything your app has to offer.

Easily build and edit up to 10 screens of interactive, customizable walkthroughs in a scrollable carousel format.

Deliver a rich, delightful progression of native in-app content that responds to real-time customer behavior—all with no code, app store submissions, or development work required.

Onboard and Nurture Your App Users with Pages

Because Pages are built using MessageGears, leverage the other powerful capabilities of the platform with sophisticated personalization, audience targeting, A/B testing, and performance reporting. All in one place.

This makes Pages perfect for:

Enriching Onboarding

Create a seamless multi-screen flow to welcome new users to your app and introduce them to your key features. Customize Pages to take your users on a personal step-by-step onboarding tour that matches the look and feel of your app.

Nurture and Retention

Target specific groups of users with a Pages campaign to highlight features they are missing out on, helping them get the most out of your app.

Highlighting Updates and Promotions

Have you launched a new product feature or promotion? Use Pages to share this with your users and show them how it works before hitting them with a CTA that drives action and deep links to the relevant section of your app.

Boosting Permissions

Are you finding it challenging to get users to opt in to app permissions? Use Pages to first provide pre-prompt context to your users to increase adoption. Then, send dynamic page-by-page messages prompting users to enable push notifications and other permissions applicable to your app—even after they are onboarded.

What Makes Pages So Powerful?

Simple and Quick to Create

MessageGears’ easy-to-use visual builder means you don’t need to worry about custom code or app store updates when creating, editing or managing your campaign. Use Pages to seamlessly group multiple messages in the same in-app campaign to cut down on setup time.

No Code Required

Once you have MessageGears’ latest mobile SDKs installed in your app, you have complete autonomy to launch a Pages campaign without any help from your engineering team, saving you time and resources.

A/B Testing

Measure and optimize the impact of your campaigns with A/B testing and performance reporting. Test and monitor number of pages, imagery, CTAs, copy, and drop-off rates on each variant. Then lean into MessageGears’ analytics and make informed adjustments based on the performance.

Digestible Content

Pages means you no longer need to try and explain an entire flow in a single message or screen. By building multiple screens within the same campaign, you can break down the information you want to convey into an easily digestible flow for the user.

Get Started with Pages

Level up your in-app capabilities with Pages and create delightful experiences for customers from their first app launch and beyond.

Pages are just one piece of MessageGears’ powerful mobile messaging platform, built to help you create unrivaled value at every user touchpoint.

Let us show you what it can do for you in a personalized demo.

In the meantime, take a look at our Pages documentation to see how it works.

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