Unlocking the future of customer engagement: MessageGears expands capabilities with 250+ activation endpoints and reverse ETL

Jun 20, 2024

Staying connected with customers across multiple channels has never been more crucial for enterprise brands. At MessageGears we’re excited to announce our latest innovation: enhanced interoperability with more than 250 channel activation endpoints. This significant expansion ​​empowers marketing teams to create seamless, real-time customer experiences, thanks to data activation to major Martech and ad tech platforms like Meta, Google, and many others.

Revolutionizing marketing efficiency with reverse ETL

Gone are the days of disjointed marketing efforts. With MessageGears’ new capabilities, enterprise brands can activate and unify customer data more effectively than ever before. This integration allows for dynamic engagement across multiple touchpoints, for a truly unified cross-channel experience. As Aravind Renganathan, Head of CRM Tech at Chewy, highlights, “Our marketing teams are now much more self-sufficient and efficient. This approach creates a much more cohesive experience for our customers.”

Harnessing the power of AI and predictive intelligence for advanced segmentation

MessageGears leverages AI-powered segmentation to transform how marketers interact with customers. By analyzing real-time customer event behavior, the platform can create predictive segments and automate interactions, such as targeted ads or personalized emails. This boosts lifetime value and maximizes return on ad spend (RoAS).

Streamlined data integration and reverse ETL

One of the standout features of this update is the ability to sync customer data directly from internal data clouds to both owned and third-party channels. This eliminates the need for complex data pipelines and reduces operational overhead. The inclusion of reverse ETL ensures that all teams have immediate access to actionable data, fostering a more agile and responsive marketing environment.

Delivering personalized customer journeys

Incorporating real-time data points into customer engagement strategies allows brands to deliver highly relevant and personalized journeys. With the enhanced capabilities of MessageGears, including powerful reverse ETL to activate data across 250 plus 3rd party channels, brands can now provide consistent and meaningful interactions across various channels, including ad networks, social media, email, SMS, and mobile apps.

How to get started

Brands ready to take advantage of these activations have a few ways to get started:


  1. Speak with our team: schedule a 30-minute call with our martech experts to discuss your specific needs, applicable activation endpoints, and steps for beginning a free proof of concept.
  2. Dive into documentation: read MessageGears Third-Party Activation Channels and Destinations and/or Segmentation and Activation End-to-end Use Case for a deeper understanding.
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