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You know marketing cloud ESPs limit you, but what choice is there? You need the cloud to send at scale. The tradeoff is data lag and syncs that hinder personalization. But what if your ESP could plug into your database, eliminating syncs and letting you segment using your live data while utilizing the cloud for rendering and sending? That’s why we built MessageGears.

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No syncing or lag time

Because we plug directly into your database, you build messages with live, real-time data as you collect it. That means no more data syncs. Ever.

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The industry's highest security standards for PII

We use KMS encryption to ensure only the data points you’re comfortable sharing ever gets exposed to the cloud. But, because your data stays behind your firewall, you can still personalize even based on PII.

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Flexibility to customize

It’s frustrating to wait days, weeks, or even months for your ESP to simply add a new requested data field. With MessageGears, you’re in complete control, making changes at the click of a button.

For marketing/communications teams at businesses with especially sensitive customer data and sophisticated encryption needs, the attitude toward cross-channel messaging often approaches ambivalence because all the personalization creativity in the world won’t keep your PII safe. That’s where KMS encryption comes in.

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For marketing/communications teams at businesses with especially sensitive customer data and sophisticated encryption needs — financial and healthcare organizations, for instance, or any company with leadership that makes enterprise data security and enterprise data protection a top priority — the attitude toward email marketing often approaches ambivalence.

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Chick-fil-A is very protective when it comes to Customer data and privacy. They wanted to set up a process by which their Customers’ data was fully protected and anonymized from any malicious attempts to gain access to it, exceeding their security team’s requirements for Customer data storage.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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