The Evolution of the Modern Marketer

By now, virtually every enterprise marketer has figured out that data impacts their work, and is important if they want to get messaging right. We’ve come far enough that nobody’s going to disagree with that much.

But it’s one thing to recognize data’s importance, or even to get why it’s important, and quite another to have a full understanding of where the data comes from, how it’s stored, why you can (or often can’t) access it, and what’s standing in the way of you doing your job in the way you want to.

Because that’s where marketing is headed. In “The Evolution of the Modern Marketer,” we detail how awareness of data’s role has emerged within marketing over the past decade or so, and why it’s only going to get more imperative for the modern marketer to gain a deeper understanding of the data their organization collects. It’s not enough anymore to just know data’s important. You need to know the opportunities and the obstacles if you’re going to deliver great customer experiences and keep up with the competition.

Data's importance to marketing is only growing. To keep pace, the modern marketer needs to gain a deeper understanding of how it works (and why it often doesn't).