The Guide to Your Salesforce Divorce
Enterprise brands deserve better than SFMC

We hear it all the time from enterprise marketers: “I hate working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but I hate the idea of trying to change even more.” We get it. They’re a behemoth, and they get you so tangled up in their platform that it can feel like there’s no escape no matter how difficult it makes the lives of your marketing team.



MessageGears is here to deliver the escape you’re looking for

Inside this white paper is your detailed, 60- to 90-day plan for how to complete your Salesforce Divorce and start using MessageGears to send personalized cross-channel messaging campaigns using your live, real-time data without shipping it out to a marketing cloud. Gone are the days of waiting on data syncs and cursing silos. Put your data at the center of your marketing strategy with MessageGears, and leave Salesforce Marketing Cloud behind for good.