MessageGears SMS: Direct Data Access Fuels 1:1 2-Way Communication

For many enterprise marketers, email is firmly embedded in their messaging strategy, with teams and documentation dedicated to where it fits into the marketing ecosystem. But SMS can be more of a mystery. What sorts of content should (and shouldn’t) be sent via SMS? How can you use it creatively to engage with your audience? And does your audience even want to receive SMS messages from your brand?

Join MessageGears’ Luke Ambrosetti (Application Solutions Architect) as he walks Nick Ziech-Lopez (Director of Product Marketing) through the SMS offering of MessageGears’ cross-channel platform to better understand what makes it different from what others offer. They’ll review:

  • The state of SMS and its relevance to enterprise marketing today
  • How SMS can fit into your workflows
  • SMS messaging inside of MessageGears, and how our unique direct data connection can fuel 1:1 2-way communication