Envisioning a Better Cross-Channel Experience

Every enterprise marketer knows the challenges of messaging change dramatically at scale. Customers demand — and expect — a highly personalized experience from brands of this size, but legacy marketing clouds and traditional ESPs aren’t built to enable Super Senders to do that. Maybe you can send to multiple channels, but your ESP’s disconnected setup hinders your ability to deliver the kinds of campaigns your customers will respond to. And what’s worse is you probably think that’s just the way it has to be.

MessageGears is envisioning a better cross-channel experience. In our latest webinar, MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette and Chief Product Officer Dan Roy discussed our mission to create tools that meet the unique needs of enterprise marketers and showed off our revolutionary new cross-channel orchestration capabilities that empower marketers to send the right message to the right person at exactly the right time — and now, to the channel that will deliver the best results.

Why are we here?

Cross-channel marketing has changed a tremendous amount in the roughly 20 years since most of the legacy marketing cloud solutions were originally released. At that time, not only did no one envision how fully the mobile revolution would monopolize consumer attention, but the possibilities for data usage and personalization were still basically in their infancy of coming to fruition. By contrast, MessageGears wasn’t founded until 2010, so the entire foundation of the platform has been able to better take advantage of a modern view of the importance of real-time data access and being able to tailor messages to the channel where your customer wants to do business.

That’s allowed us to have an entirely different perspective on how cross-channel marketing should work for enterprise marketers who want to take advantage of the technology that’s available today in order to surprise and delight their customers. It’s not an easy challenge to meet, but we’ve been well positioned to do it.

MessageGears’ new cross-channel orchestration

We’ve already established for some of the world’s top brands like Expedia, Ebates, and Chick-fil-A that our hybrid architecture provides a clear, immediate advantage when it comes to email. Now, we’re applying the same approach and philosophy to cross-channel messaging. As of today, we’re no longer an email-only platform.

This was always part of our long-term vision. Cross-channel messaging is important because marketing communication is about more than just email for large B2C brands. Some messages are more appropriate for push or SMS, while others make more sense to deliver via email. Some customers don’t want to receive marketing messages on their phone at all, but there are plenty more who prefer that immediacy to email for the right message. You need to be able to reach the customer where they’re most likely to respond positively, if you truly want to be highly personalized. Personalization is about more than the content; it’s also about the channel and the device.

Our new platform is set up with a responsive drag-and-drop UI that allows marketers to build full cross-channel campaigns within one journey, and make changes to the campaign with little more than the click of a mouse. Because you’re pulling directly from your own live data, there’s no lag time, and no need to hop in and out of different systems to build separate orchestrations for each channel. Use customer preferences to let the system decide which channel will be most effective for each step of the journey, and see each step right in front of you as you do.

MessageGears is committed to being the only cross-channel messaging platform focused solely on helping Super Senders achieve amazing results. If you’d like to see for yourself how powerful the platform is, sign up for our live product demo on the first Friday of every month.