Narrator + MessageGears
Narrator allows your team to prepare any data you need for MessageGears in minutes, without needing complicated SQL or months of data engineering.

Narrator is the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive way to get value out of your data warehouse. No more waiting on the data team for answers to your questions or data tables for your integrations. Using Narrator’s activity schema, explore and analyze any data in your warehouse without having to write SQL, and integrate that data into your existing workflows instantly. 

Bring Value to your Data

Narrator allows you to take advantage of the data in your CDW.

First, Narrator connects the user across all channels and data sources. Then, Narrator allows you to create whatever tables you need for your integrations in a simple GUI without having to write any SQL. In a couple clicks, then sync that data over to MessageGears to create and act on segments based on all the data in your data warehouse.

Easily resolve identities without obvious foreign key joins

As your customer interacts with your business there is known activity (emailing, purchasing, etc…) and anonymous activity (marketing sessions and interactions). Narrator is able to stitch that user together across multiple devices as well as identified and unidentified activity, so you have one clean customer journey.


Endless Opportunities

Narrator can not only prepare your data for tools like MessageGears, but it’s also a robust data analytics platform for teams to answer any ad-hoc data question in minutes, explore and analyze any data in your warehouse without having to write SQL, and generate hundreds of reports from our library of analyses in a few clicks.