MessageGears Receives Most Top Customer Satisfaction Honors In ESP Buyer’s Guide For 2nd Straight Year

MessageGears Receives Most Top Customer Satisfaction Honors in ESP Buyer’s Guide for 2nd Straight Year

For the second consecutive year, MessageGears received more top customer satisfaction honors than any other enterprise email service provider in The Relevancy Group’s annual “ESP Buyer’s Guide,” taking home five gold and three silver awards for their innovative cross-channel messaging platform and customer service.

The report highlighted how MessageGears is uniquely suited to meet the priorities of enterprise organizations that want to personalize marketing messages at scale, with improved segmentation and targeting, unique utilization of real-time data, and making customer data actionable.

As companies’ adoption of hybrid-cloud solutions has increased in recent years, the report discusses how MessageGears has been at the forefront of addressing major marketing challenges like campaign automation, I.T. support for data extraction, and managing marketing offers across multiple channels. MessageGears’ unique solution of having their ESP live where their customers’ data lives has led to high customer satisfaction rates.

The report also praised MessageGears’ ability to empower simple at-scale sophistication for enterprise marketers.

“There is no synching or moving data, which makes MessageGears different than traditional ESPs, and empowers simple at-scale sophistication,” The Relevancy Group’s David Daniels said. “Marketers with significant database marketing investments that do not wish to replicate data must give MessageGears serious consideration.”

While customers were pleased with MessageGears’ technology, it was also added in the evaluation that “the company ethos is spectacular,” something that caught the attention of MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette.

“When they start talking about the quality of your ethos, that really says a lot about the work we’re doing here,” Barnette said. “Obviously, our chief focus is on helping companies send better messages, but we’re equally proud of the way we treat our employees and the customers we work with every day. It’s been mindful every step of the way, and it’s rewarding to see people recognize that.”

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