MessageGears’ Latest Research Reveals Flaws In RFP Process For Choosing ESPs

MessageGears’ latest research reveals flaws in RFP process for choosing ESPs

The Request for Proposal process for selecting email service providers is flawed at many large organizations, and that’s leading brands to make decisions that aren’t adequately serving their needs, a new research report from MessageGears finds.

MessageGears’ report, titled Navigating the ESP Landscape: Rethinking the RFP Approach, reveals that the shortcuts many companies take to create an RFP — 62% said their company changed less than half of the content from one RFP to the next, and 55% said they entered the RFP with a preferred vendor in mind  — are a big part of what’s leading to a process that generates decisions not based in today’s facts about the ESP industry but instead on outdated evaluations both of ESP technology and the company’s own interests.

In addition, this is leading to misconceptions about the array of features available to companies within the ESP landscape. Almost three-fourths of respondents were likely to say that all ESPs are basically the same. These attitudes were even more likely to be found among key decision makers, with 29% of them strongly agreeing that all ESPs are the same, versus 7% of others.

“We see a lot of ‘Super Senders’ running legacy platform RFPs instead of an RFP for the best modern tech that meets their needs,” MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette said. “RFPs can be extremely useful, but can also be a challenging, time-consuming process for big brands. It’s essential that they take the time to fully consider their current chief needs and don’t settle for technology that doesn’t meet them.”

You can download the full report at MessageGears’ website. MessageGears will also be hosting a webinar at 11 a.m. on Jan. 24 with Barnette and Marketing Democracy founder Chris Marriott talking about the survey’s findings and their recommendations for improving the RFP process.

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