IN GEAR: How SaaS is Evolving to Serve Marketers’ Ever-Changing Needs — with Rishi Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Digioh

Data (and understanding how to use it effectively) is the lifeblood of an organization. Marketers want to work quickly and do things fast, and going through I.T. to get access to the data they need can be slow and painful.
On this episode of IN GEAR, India and Nick speak with Rishi Shah (CEO and Co-Founder of Digioh) about how SaaS tools will continue to move to models where they don’t store data, in order to make it easier and better for both I.T. and marketing. Also discussed:
  • Controlling communications while remaining compliant with various privacy laws
  • Using opt-down instead of opt-out via email preference centers
  • The importance of talking to and listening to your customers
Rishi also gives Nick some advice for how to juggle work with having a newborn at home. (summed up: “it gets better; take naps”).