IN GEAR: Creating Data-Driven Moments That Captivate Your Customers — with Lalit Chopra and Bill Reinwald of Movable Ink

Customers don’t experience data, they experience content. The mission of Movable Ink is to provide tools that connect data with the right creative and deliver it at the right moment for customers.
In this episode of IN GEAR, India and Nick talk with Lalit Chopra, SVP of Product, and Bill Reinwald, Director of Business Development at Movable Ink about how marketers are delivering data-driven creative in real-time at scale. You’ll also hear:
  • How to manage loyalty programs and branding elements while delivering captivating real-time experiences
  • How Movable Ink and MessageGears are working together to give marketers the power to harness their customer data
  • What’s next for data-driven creative
Plus, we cover some examples of micro-moments gone wrong, and India takes Lalit and Bill through a grueling Lightning Round. Hope y’all enjoy!