It’s Time To Ditch Your ESP

It’s Time To Ditch Your ESP

It’s time you faced it: your marketing cloud ESP just isn’t getting the job done for you. Data lag and inaccessibility is killing personalization. Costs keep climbing as they nickel-and-dime you to death. And when you have a problem, customer service is practically non-existent. You know you need a change, but you think all the solutions out there are just more of the same.

In this webinar, we discuss our latest whitepaper and give you insight into:

• Why enterprise marketers struggle to send personalized campaigns with their current ESP
• How MessageGears solves the data issues that plague so many marketers’ interactions with their ESP
• How making the switch right now can be so much easier and more seamless than you expect it to be

Learn what makes our solution fundamentally different, and why the time is right now to finally commit to making the switch that will change the way you send personalized messaging campaigns.

MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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