5 Ways To Improve Engagement With Cross-Channel Marketing

5 Ways to Improve Engagement with Cross-Channel Marketing

It’s never been more important for marketers to understand their customers, and build targeted cross-channel campaigns that utilize the data that’s at their disposal. But, for some marketers, knowing exactly what that means can be a challenge. When there are so many directions to head in, focusing on the right tools and means to generate clicks and conversions is essential.

In this webinar, MessageGears VP of Marketing Will Devlin and Zembula CEO Robert Haydock will provide you with the five biggest ways to enhance engagement with cross-channel marketing.

You’ll learn:

  • The five most important ways to grab customers’ attention by using data to tailor your message and the channel you send it to
  • How your customer data can be used both to determine who should receive each message and what the content of those campaigns should look like
  • How to use what you know about your customers’ psychology to build interactive campaigns that make engagement fun and even a little addictive
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