Beyond Opens & Clicks: How To Measure Email’s True Business Impact

Beyond Opens & Clicks: How to Measure Email’s True Business Impact

Traditional open/click/conversion metrics are highly valued by email marketers, but they provide an incomplete picture of the true impact of email campaigns. It’s challenging to track sales from email to offline, delayed, and third-party sales, but that can’t be an excuse to throw up your hands and not try. In fact, it’s essential that you understand as well as possible how email is affecting customer behavior, revenue, and loyalty.

This webinar will discuss why tracking email success can be such a challenge, and some of the tactics marketers can use to get a more complete view of email’s success in driving subscribers to become customers, via whichever channel they may choose.

Here are some key points you’ll be able to take away from this webinar:

  • The positives and negatives of traditional email metrics, and why tracking success beyond that can be such a challenge
  • Examples of email campaigns that lead customers toward offline/third-party purchases that are hard to track
  • Some of the tactics marketers can use to better understand how email influences purchases across a range of channels
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