Cross-Channel Marketing

What is cross-channel marketing?

With cross-channel marketing, marketers send one campaign or message through multiple channels working together.

What’s the difference between cross-channel marketing and multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing utilizes multiple channels but each with a separate message, campaign and build-out.

What are the advantages of cross-channel marketing?

Because cross-channel marketing enables marketers to build a single campaign that seamlessly incorporates each channel they’re using, they’re able to create smarter campaigns without blind spots and redundancies while also saving the time and energy it takes to build the same campaigns over and over for each channel.

Which channels do marketers use for cross-channel marketing?

While virtually every enterprise marketer uses email as part of their cross-channel marketing strategy, some of the other most common marketing channels include mobile push and short message service, better known as SMS. Cross-channel marketing campaigns strive to leverage the specific strengths of each channel with the intent of reaching the customer on the best channel (or their preferred channel) for that particular message.

What makes MessageGears’ cross-channel marketing product unique?

MessageGears is the only customer engagement platform that connects directly to your data, wherever it lives. That enables us to provide marketers with a cross-channel marketing product that takes advantage of all the data they have, live and in real time, for personalizing the campaigns they send. In addition, because we are an open-source platform, there is no defined schema that limits how you use your data. However it’s currently set up is how you’ll use it in order to build out your audiences for cross-channel marketing campaigns.