Solutions for Travel & Hospitality

Timely Travel

The average person only takes a few vacations a year, making the window to get in front of them a small one. If you miss your opportunity, a competitor might gain their loyalty, and you’ve lost. You need an ESP that understands your industry, and knows how to help you send timely, relevant emails to customers when they’re ready to buy.

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Hybrid email marketing can be a boon for companies in the travel industry by helping them reach customers with the right message at the right time


People don’t take vacations every day, so you need to strike while the iron’s hot if you want to win a customer. MessageGears helps you build campaigns in a fraction of the time of traditional marketing clouds, helping you reach the right customer at the right time.


Unique Customer Journeys

You need to be able to create complex, unique customer journeys to reach travelers before, during and after their trips, at the exact right time with the message that suits their needs. And with millions of customers and all that data, this has never been a more challenging task.



Personalization is everything in email marketing. The customer who lives in Toronto may not need travel tips on Egypt. The customer who always flies Delta doesn’t need deals for United. Email ROI is all about relevance, and MessageGears lets you work with your data to target effectively.