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Deliver world-class customer experiences without sacrificing data security

As an enterprise financial marketer, the data your customers trust you with is sacred. You may think email personalization at scale can’t work for you because the data is too sensitive to copy back and forth to your ESP’s cloud. The hybrid solution lets the data never leave your side, and opens up a whole world of email.

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Keep data securely behind your firewall

The effort and expense behind compliance is huge, and your data is too sensitive to risk copying through traditional cloud ESPs. MessageGears’ hybrid solution lets you maintain full control over your data at all times.


React in real-time to customer needs

Because your data never leaves your side, you’re able to react in true real time to customer behavior, sending messages that are both relevant and timely for their needs at any moment.


Create trust through dialogue

In the financial industry, we understand that trust is currency. Staying in consistent contact with your customers through email allows you to foster that relationship and build long-term trust over time.

Every marketer has faced challenges when creating what they hope to be successful email programs. For those working in highly regulated industries such as banking, those challenges can often seem like Mission: Impossible.

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Banks can use email marketing to better serve their customers