MessageGears Launches Audience Recording For Segment Users

MessageGears Launches Audience Recording for Segment Users

The importance of having accurate and reliable data for your customers cannot be overstated. Making sure you’re able to send timely and relevant messages to your customer base is crucial to running successful marketing campaigns. This sounds like a no brainer when it comes to marketing, but it’s a challenge all marketers constantly face.

Audience Recording — MessageGears Segment’s newest feature — makes your customer data more reliable and actionable than it’s ever been before. Since the MessageGears application has direct access to your data, we can accurately streamline data feedback loops with modern cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery. Audience Recording allows users to record the exact state of their recipients when they were sent, including the data enrichment provided by the MessageGears Segment product. This dramatically increases data integrity as marketers use it to make decisions in their future campaigns.

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Webinar Recap: Segment And Activate Your 360 Customer Data

Webinar Recap: Segment and Activate Your 360 Customer Data

When you’re trying to send personalized messaging campaigns across various channels, testing to ensure success is one of your biggest challenges. But it’s also essential so you know you’re not flying blind, and the only way to get it right is to have the correct combination of tools at your disposal.

In our latest webinar, we joined with our partners at Havas Helia to explain how MessageGears Segment combines with their SmartDesign approach to empower marketers to do more with the customer data they’ve collected, and why it’s so difficult to do for many marketers.

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MessageGears Segment Expands With Support For Facebook Custom Audiences And Google Customer Match

MessageGears Segment Expands with support for Facebook custom audiences and Google Customer Match

Although the industry puts a big effort on making the most of the moments that matter, ultimately marketers need to communicate with their customers in the way that their customers think of them. This means a constant two-way relationship between brand and consumer — not just sending messages (although cross-channel messaging is increasingly important), but staying top of mind in all channels, both active and passive. That’s why MessageGears has introduced support for Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match as destinations within its Segment product.

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MessageGears Segment Changes The Way You Segment And Target Audiences

MessageGears Segment Changes the Way You Segment and Target Audiences

MessageGears has always led the market in the ability to plug in to our users’ data and allow rich audience creation for message sending. It’s the reason we exist — enterprise organizations need live access to their data in order to keep up with consumer demands for messaging personalization, and the leading crop of remote cloud ESPs doesn’t provide them with that.

However, many users want to go even further — starting with a large data pool of their recipients and having the capability to finely segment them into recipient groups and orchestrate the communication of these users to different channels and experiences. It’s not enough for many ambitious marketing teams to be able to merely access their data. They want to be able to do more with that data, to segment it in whatever way they want, in order to fine-tune the personalization level of their campaigns, targeting the right people with the messages that are most relevant, based upon what they know about those people.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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