Why Do Decision Makers Love RFPs?

Why Do Decision Makers Love RFPs?

There are many factors that go into the decison-making process when large companies are looking into the possibility of changing ESPs. Nobody goes into this lightly. These companies know how important email and cross-channel messaging is to the health of their business, so they approach the process with the intention of coming out the other side with the best possible solution.

A big part of doing that, in many cases, is the RFP. When done well, it can be extremely effective in helping to focus the process, and in getting the vendors competing for the coveted win to discuss the job on the company’s terms.

But are there flaws in this approach? In our latest research, we wanted to dig deep into how Marketing teams are handling RFPs, and find out how well they’re doing the job they’re set up to do. In many cases, what we found was interesting and somewhat surprising, no areas more so than in how different these RFPs are viewed as you climb the decision-making chain.

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MessageGears Research: The RFP Process Isn’t Working

MessageGears Research: The RFP Process Isn’t Working

For Super Sender companies looking for a new ESP, the RFP is often a key component, helping to streamline and simplify what can be an arduous process. But is it working in the way it should? Our new research report dives into that question, asking 100 Marketing and I.T. professionals their views on the RFP process, and how it works for ESP selection. If you’ve been part of an RFP at a large company, the numbers may not be all that surprising. ESP technology is advancing faster than most companies outside the industry can fully appreciate, and that’s causing their RFPs to come up short.

Our new whitepaper (Free download; no strings attached) dives into the full details of the survey, including plenty of commentary from Marketing Democracy founder Chris Marriott.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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