Marketing Lessons Learned In A Time Of Crisis

Marketing Lessons Learned in a Time of Crisis

With COVID-19 temporarily changing the lives of everyone across the world, people are on edge as the crisis unfolds. Unlike so many disasters of the past, this time there isn’t anyone who isn’t impacted.

It’s a sad reality that major events like this happen often — pandemics, hurricanes, earthquakes, violence, terrorism, etc. — and we as marketers can be so involved in our day-to-day operations that we lose sight of the fact that each email we send (even if it’s sent as part of a larger automated program) lands in the inbox of a real person the crisis is impacting. And, even if they’re not directly impacted in some cases, they may be sensitive to certain content. It’s not hard to spot when a brand isn’t showing empathy toward those affected, and that can turn anybody off.

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Litmus Live Contest: “Show Us Your Dream Campaign”

Litmus Live Contest: “Show Us Your Dream Campaign”

If you’re an #emailgeek, odds are good there’s a dream campaign you have rattling around in your head. It’s an idea you’ve probably had for awhile, but you just haven’t quite figured out how to execute it — Maybe you don’t have access to the tools you’d need, or you haven’t sold your team on it just yet. But one day, you hope to put it into action.

We wanted to hear those stories, so we put out a call to hear about your dream email campaigns, with a promise that our favorite would win a free ticket to the Litmus Live conference in San Francisco next month. We received many terrific, passionate entries from marketers who love the power of email, and have big ideas about what they can accomplish with it.

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Why Marketers Need The Holiday Spirit

Why Marketers Need The Holiday Spirit

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” says the popular Christmas song, and that goes double for business. The holiday season is filled with events and traditions that require gifts, products, and services that give the economy a healthy boost just in time for the new year.

Email marketing plays a critical role in holiday sales. The masses’ preferred communication method is email and it has the highest return on investment for marketing dollars. More than 70% of people say they have made a purchase due to a promotional email, and 92% of customers say they like to receive updates or promotions from businesses they frequent.

Still, in the rush to capitalize on the season, you may be missing key elements that drive customers to engage with your brand. Here are three rules email marketers can learn from the Spirit of Christmas to make their holiday season merry and bright.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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