Litmus Live Contest: “Show Us Your Dream Campaign”

Litmus Live Contest: “Show Us Your Dream Campaign”

If you’re an #emailgeek, odds are good there’s a dream campaign you have rattling around in your head. It’s an idea you’ve probably had for awhile, but you just haven’t quite figured out how to execute it — Maybe you don’t have access to the tools you’d need, or you haven’t sold your team on it just yet. But one day, you hope to put it into action.

We wanted to hear those stories, so we put out a call to hear about your dream email campaigns, with a promise that our favorite would win a free ticket to the Litmus Live conference in San Francisco next month. We received many terrific, passionate entries from marketers who love the power of email, and have big ideas about what they can accomplish with it.

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Why Are You An #emailgeek?

Why are you an #emailgeek?

There are all sorts of reasons so many marketers call themselves email geeks. From the expansive opportunities for creativity to the psychology of customers’ reactions to campaigns and the potential for AI and machine learning to personalize content, email has tremendous potential for igniting the passion of a wide range of marketing professionals. And how many industries have so many people who find the work that stimulating?

We wanted to tap into that passion a bit recently when we were preparing a contest to give away a ticket to next month’s Litmus Live event in Boston. So we asked the email marketing community to tell us why they consider themselves email geeks. What, specifically, is it that draws you into this industry? What gets you excited about doing your job every day? And our favorite answer would get into Litmus Live for free.

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