MessageGears Launches Distributed Marketing, Distributed Sending Solution

MessageGears Launches Distributed Marketing, Distributed Sending Solution

MessageGears has partnered with Sageflo to launch a joint solution that helps enterprise marketing organizations take distributed marketing, through-channel marketing, and brand-to-local marketing coordination to the next level via a combination of MessageGears customer marketing platform and Sageflo Radiate. The joint solution provides a distributed marketing and distributed sending engine that enables corporate marketing organizations to empower local marketers to build highly personalized and focused messaging campaigns while still imposing corporate standards that matter to them.

For any enterprise organization that needs to provide and coordinate email, push, and SMS messaging capabilities for locations and representatives at the local level — quick-serve restaurants (QSR), professional sports leagues, record labels, and direct sales organizations are common examples — the challenge can lead to restrictions and operational overhead that prevent the sorts of personalized campaigns that truly drive customer engagement and loyalty.

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MessageGears Launches Industry-Leading Drag-and-Drop UI

MessageGears Launches Industry-Leading Drag-and-Drop UI

The result of years of planning and detailed work, MessageGears’ new drag-and-drop UI is the most powerful and user friendly platform on the market today.

For the marketer, it’s going to change the way they look at building both audiences and email campaigns, making the process more intuitive and visual. But it’s not just marketers who benefit from the enhanced technology. For the tech-savvy marketer or IT developer, it’s easier to climb under the hood and understand the inner workings of what’s going on with every email, as well has have the fine grain control you need.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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