Webinar Recap: How Legacy ESPs Have Failed Enterprise Marketers

Webinar Recap: How Legacy ESPs Have Failed Enterprise Marketers

It was because of you, the enterprise marketer, that we were inspired to push forward with our recent webinar, “How Legacy ESPs Have Failed Enterprise Marketers.” We’ve heard so many stories on the phone and the road over the past several years, talking to marketers who are endlessly frustrated as they find that not only does their ESP seem not to be built around how they need to reach their customers, but that they’re essentially stuck with that albatross around their neck. It’s too hard to change, and there’s no way they’ll get the buy-in they need from the key stakeholders to migrate to a new solution. And, furthermore, even if they did, everybody thinks they’re all the same anyway, so what would really change?

We know these frustrations well. It’s why we felt like it needed to be said that ESPs haven’t been as innovative or flexible as they should be, and that enterprise marketers — along with their often-beleaguered I.T. teams — have borne the brunt of that. If you didn’t get a chance to tune into the webinar, here’s a quick recap of the main topics we touched on:

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Email Lessons To Take Into The New Year

Email Lessons to Take Into the New Year

As you look forward to taking your email marketing program to the next level in 2018, it’s also important to take stock of how the industry evolved in 2017 if you don’t want to get stuck with high expectations and an outdated strategy. If you don’t learn the lessons of last year, you’ll repeat the same mistakes others already learned from.

Like with all things marketing, nothing in email stays static. The industry is always evolving to incorporate new technology and customer preferences. Before rushing into your first 2018 campaigns, evaluate what might be different from a year ago. That will help you anticipate where your customers will expect you to excel. Because your email marketing standards need to be at least as high as theirs.

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Email Needs To Be Better

Email Needs to be Better

For retail marketers, the holidays are a time of intense pressure and scrutiny. Most retailers see their revenue numbers soar during the holiday season. And online and interactive channels are increasingly driving those numbers. Marketing teams have carefully planned and coordinated for months to ensure customers get maximum value and a better experience.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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