iOS15 Facts + Key Terms For Marketers

Nov 02, 2021
Danielle Briner

You may be asking yourself;

What Does Apple’s New Mail Privacy Protection Mean For Content Personalization? 

MessageGears’ suite of contextual data gives you endless opportunities to personalize your marketing campaigns at scale for relevance in your customers’ inboxes. Read more on our Marketing Blog here

How Can Enterprise Brands Overcome Privacy Measures & Continue to Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations in the Future? 

Whether you’re using additional tools in your marketing toolbox or MessageGears’ entire customer engagement platform to reach your customers, our customer success team can help you utilize your real-time data for powerful personalization. 

How Can Apple’s New Privacy Protection Elevate User Experiences Across Verticals? 

If you’re wondering how big of an impact this will have on the entire industry, the answer is HUGE, and the impact will come rather quickly. Read more on our Product Blog here!

How Can Enterprise Brands Continue Creating Personalized Experiences With Apple’s New Privacy Protections? 

Luckily, MessageGears is purpose-built for optimizing customer engagement by driving powerful personalized campaigns for relevance in the inbox at scale for enterprise brands like Chick-fil-A, T-Mobile, Expedia, and more. 


  • New iOS15 changes to Apple Mail mean more consumer privacy but fear not. 
  • Apple’s new changes are shifting the marketing paradigm, and MessageGears is shifting how we enable you to track your customer messaging across platforms. 
  • Now, zero and first-party data are more important than ever, and having access to your customer data in real-time gives you more power in your marketing messaging. 
  • As always, MessageGears is here to navigate this new consumer landscape with both Marketers and I.T. teams.

Key Terms:  

“Real-Time” Messaging – Using dynamic image personalization in real-time may transition between real-time to near real-time depending on contextual data included in the recipient’s email. MessageGears’ suite of contextual data allows enterprise marketers to pull dynamic images in marketing messaging using context data, real-time context data with MessageGears Engage, and Context APIs. Therefore, pulling information, including images, from any location for relevance at email open. 

Personalized Email Marketing – Personalized emails are still pertinent across the recipient inbox landscape. Personal data, such as collected zero and first-party data, still holds true for customer engagement. For example, a recipient’s location for a reservation, whether that’s a trip or a special dinner, can be populated in an email using the zip code or address provided depending on what they select. Which, in the past, could have come from pixels tracking geolocation.  

Open RateSince Apple is caching images before recipient-open, all emails that are sent to Apple Mail users will record as “read” in any tracking metrics. This leads to diving into click rate metrics as new strategies develop based on marketing messaging performance. 

Click Rate – Although Click Rate has been around the whole time, its importance has grown as marketers pivot customer communications strategically across email marketing. As a new performance indicator, click rate will become increasingly important. 

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