Why Marketing Cloud ESPs Can’t Connect To Your Data

Why Marketing Cloud ESPs Can’t Connect to Your Data

One of the questions we hear the most often from marketers when we talk about the importance of MessageGears’ direct connection to your database is this: If connecting directly to the database is so essential and transformative, why don’t your competitors do it too? After all, our most common competitors are massive organizations that would seem to have plenty of money and resources available to be able to do pretty much whatever they want. From the outside, it can be hard to understand why they wouldn’t simply copy MessageGears if there was value in doing so.

So, why don’t they? To really answer that question, we need to take a look at the history of email service providers, and why they’re structured the way they are.

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Why Do Super Senders Put Up With Bad ESPs?

Why do Super Senders put up with bad ESPs?

Super Senders generally detest their email service provider. That’s not an exaggeration. It’s like a dark family secret that no one talks about in public. But that doesn’t make the problem go away.

It’s always been striking to me how obvious this seems to be to everyone, but they try to ignore it because they feel like it’s just the way things are. After a career managing technology companies, I’ve been in the email world for 2.5 years now. I’m new enough to have been able to come in and see things with fresh eyes. There are many reasons why the marketing cloud ESPs are, frankly, doing a terrible job serving their largest customers.

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Unsubscribe Rates And The “New Gmail”

Unsubscribe rates and the “New Gmail”

Over its 15 years of existence, Gmail has undergone some major changes – some heralded by fanfare, others made without warning or even acknowledgement. From perpetual beta status and Priority Inbox to Promotion annotations and AMP, Google’s penchant for innovation has often left marketers running to keep up with the latest update.

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What We’re Looking Forward To At The Snowflake Summit

What We’re Looking Forward to at the Snowflake Summit

When the “Data Nation” – made up of the brightest minds in the modern data world – gather June 3-6 in San Francisco for Snowflake Summit, there’s going to be so much to hear and see. We can’t stop thinking about all the amazing speakers and partner ecosystem, and everything we can learn to help our customers maximize the potential of the data they’ve collected. Just looking at the speaker list has us counting the days until June 3.

It’s especially exciting for us because of our direct integration with Snowflake, and the opportunities for data-driven brands when their cross-channel ESP and their modern data warehouse are connected together. Already, we’re seeing so many ways this is enabling marketers at our customers to move more quickly (and securely) than ever before, connecting directly to Snowflake modern customer data platforms to pull live, real-time data into their personalized cross-channel campaigns for audience segmentation and conditional content.

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Three Big Takeaways From #Unspam

Three Big Takeaways from #Unspam

Most people who have been in the email industry for any time have found their way to Really Good Emails‘ blissfully simple and helpful website, where they can see what other email marketers have done recently that’s, well, really good. Whether you’re searching for inspiration as you build a new campaign or just like to see what your colleagues are working on, it can be an addictive site to scroll through.

So when the RGE guys decided to throw their own conference — dubbed Unspam — over an April weekend in downtown Greenville, S.C., it was intriguing. We knew it was going to be a relatively small event, but what would it feel like? Every conference takes on a personality of its own. What sort of atmosphere would it be? And what would we learn?

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What We’re Looking Forward To At The Email Evolution Conference In Savannah

What We’re Looking Forward to at the Email Evolution Conference in Savannah

We’re just a few weeks before the Email Evolution Conference kicks off April 24, and the MessageGears team is excited to reunite with so many email industry experts in one place. EEC is an event we look forward to each year and, since it’s going to be in our home state of Georgia, we thought we should offer some of our thoughts and advice on how to enjoy the event.

Starting with the conference itself, there are so many great talks that it can be tough to decide which ones to attend, especially when you have to choose among three breakout options. Here are three sessions that we’re most looking forward to:

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ESPs Need To Differentiate Themselves

ESPs Need to Differentiate Themselves

When enterprise marketers survey the landscape of email service providers, what do they see in front of them? Is there an array of options, a sea of possibilities with a host of vendors ready to provide them with the tools they need to deliver the sorts of cross-channel messaging campaigns that get results?

Or do they run into walls during the RFP process, seeing the same answers from everybody? Do they all promise to lasso the moon and pull it down from the sky, only to fail to live up to the hype? And, over time, does it become easier and easier for them to think all ESPs talk a bigger game than they can deliver? In which case, what’s the difference who they choose?

We’re well aware of some of the perception that exists among many enterprise marketers. Our recent research looked to better understand their attitudes toward ESPs and the RFP process in general. We wanted to see how satisfied they were with it, and how it’s shaped their attitudes toward our industry.

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Why Cross-Channel Beats Multi-Channel Messaging

Why Cross-Channel Beats Multi-Channel Messaging

While email is a highly efficient and profitable messaging channel for Super Senders who put the resources into doing it well, there’s no doubt that push messaging and SMS have plenty of potential for companies who want to maximize their customer reach. If you’re a marketing or martech leader who’s trying to evaluate providers, though, the terminology and options can be confusing. When a vendor calls themselves “multi channel,” what does that mean? And how is “cross channel” different?

Similar as they may sound, there’s actually an important difference in how email service providers use them. Multi-channel providers can enable marketers to create campaigns in multiple channels — push and SMS being the most common — but doing so typically means building the campaign for one channel at a time, often using very different UIs for each. With cross-channel messaging, though, you’re building one campaign and choosing the channels within that campaign, on the same screen.

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Litmus Live Contest: “Show Us Your Dream Campaign”

Litmus Live Contest: “Show Us Your Dream Campaign”

If you’re an #emailgeek, odds are good there’s a dream campaign you have rattling around in your head. It’s an idea you’ve probably had for awhile, but you just haven’t quite figured out how to execute it — Maybe you don’t have access to the tools you’d need, or you haven’t sold your team on it just yet. But one day, you hope to put it into action.

We wanted to hear those stories, so we put out a call to hear about your dream email campaigns, with a promise that our favorite would win a free ticket to the Litmus Live conference in San Francisco next month. We received many terrific, passionate entries from marketers who love the power of email, and have big ideas about what they can accomplish with it.

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Why Are You An #emailgeek?

Why are you an #emailgeek?

There are all sorts of reasons so many marketers call themselves email geeks. From the expansive opportunities for creativity to the psychology of customers’ reactions to campaigns and the potential for AI and machine learning to personalize content, email has tremendous potential for igniting the passion of a wide range of marketing professionals. And how many industries have so many people who find the work that stimulating?

We wanted to tap into that passion a bit recently when we were preparing a contest to give away a ticket to next month’s Litmus Live event in Boston. So we asked the email marketing community to tell us why they consider themselves email geeks. What, specifically, is it that draws you into this industry? What gets you excited about doing your job every day? And our favorite answer would get into Litmus Live for free.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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