Event Recap: Accelerate Customer Marketing Summit

Event Recap: Accelerate Customer Marketing Summit

We’re still coming down off the high of Accelerate earlier this week, our first Customer Marketing Summit and a tremendous opportunity for us to give back to our awesome customers that are doing such great work every day. We had a fantastic turnout of highly engaged attendees, along with an incredibly talented speaker lineup that made you never want to budge from your seat.

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Get Ready For Accelerate: A Customer Marketing Summit

Get Ready for Accelerate: A Customer Marketing Summit

It’s just a few days now until we go live with Accelerate, our first Customer Marketing Summit, coming virtually to computer screens all across the country Sept. 15. We can’t wait to spend the afternoon with some of the world’s foremost experts on messaging, marketing, and creating a personalized, immersive experience for your customers. Invitees will learn how to do their jobs better, some will walk away with prizes, and we’ll have surprises in store throughout the day.

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Why I.T. Teams Love Working With MessageGears

Why I.T. Teams Love Working with MessageGears

When marketers hear that MessageGears’ customer marketing platform can help them send more personalized messaging campaigns by connecting directly to their data, many of them balk. They think about all the times they’ve been shot down by the I.T. team, and they dread the idea of even making that walk over to that side of the office. Getting a customer marketing platform just sounds like it’ll tie them closer to I.T., and neither side of the relationship wants that.

It’s easy to understand why they feel that way: Typical ESPs are remote from the data and cause headaches and data friction between marketing and marketing operations. The solution that MessageGears offers is unique, and it involves re-thinking how a marketing platform and the data and technology teams work together. Once you shift your thinking a bit, though, the fact is that MessageGears is well positioned to do a lot to actually eliminate that relationship friction between Marketing and I.T.

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What Makes Email More Reliable With MessageGears?

What makes email more reliable with MessageGears?

What should be the last thing a marketer should have to worry about when designing and building a portfolio of rich messages and orchestrating them for ideal delivery?  The uptime of their message service provider. It’s 2020 and, sadly, not all companies plan for near 100% uptime. Uptime and reliability for message delivery is an assumed quality that every vendor has, until it’s not there and your Black Friday, Holiday or Limited Time offers are either delayed or not delivered.

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MessageGears’ Top 5 Blog Posts Of 2019

MessageGears’ Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

Nearly every week this year, we’ve published another blog post, on a variety of topics revolving around the email marketing world. We strive to be authentically helpful, providing content that informs and advises, trying to draw on our collective experience in the industry to help you become a better, more data-driven marketer.

Over the course of the year, some blog posts stood clearly above the rest when it comes to web traffic and popularity. Sometimes, we can see clearly why one stood out to readers, but sometimes it’s harder to tell why one gained more attention than others. So, we thought it’d be interesting to dig into the data and pull out our five most read blog posts from the year that’s soon coming to an end.

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Why Is MessageGears A Best Place To Work?

Why is MessageGears a Best Place to Work?

What does it mean to be a “Best Place to Work”? Even while being named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Best Places list the past couple of years, it’s not a puzzle we think you can really solve. It means different things to different people. And getting on these lists, while gratifying from a validation standpoint, can’t be the goal.

Hopefully, though, that’s the result of a steadfast commitment to building the type of company we want to work for, of creating an environment that’s conducive to a variety of jobs and personalities, and doing our best to ensure the people we surround ourselves with from day to day are professionally and personally fulfilled in what they do.

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MessageGears Teams Up With Airship To Empower Cross-Channel Excellence

MessageGears Teams Up with Airship to Empower Cross-Channel Excellence

We’re always looking for new ways to provide Super Senders with more options, more ways to deliver effective marketing campaigns. We want working with MessageGears to be empowering for marketers in every possible way, and that often means finding the right partner fit when we see a market niche being filled particularly well by a best-in-breed solution.

That’s certainly the case with Airship (formerly Urban Airship).  They’re an established leader in mobile messaging. With our new integration, customers can build, automate, and deliver notifications based on any data that they’ve collected into their database — across a full range of actions and attributes — and accessing it live, using MessageGears’ interface. Airship’s Predictive AI is then able to utilize what you know about each customer to pinpoint the delivery time that will generate the highest open, click, and conversion rate.

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Interview: MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette

Interview: MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette

New CEO Roger Barnette shares his thoughts on the enterprise email industry, how to grow a company, and his plans for continuing MessageGears’ winning streak.

MessageGears has experienced tremendous growth in 2016. It added some of the world’s leading travel companies in Expedia and Orbitz.com to its list of new clients, gained a healthy infusion of capital via $2.35 million in Series A funding, was named one of the fastest-growing companies in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, and recently announced the addition of a new CEO.

In November, long-time Atlanta marketing technology executive Roger Barnette joined the team as CEO, while co-founder Dan Roy moved into the role of SVP of Product Development, overseeing its enterprise platform.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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