Webinar Recap: The Complete Enterprise Data Stack

Webinar Recap: The Complete Enterprise Data Stack

One of the biggest steps any B2C Marketing team can take toward better personalization of their messaging campaigns is to get their data centralized in a way that’s easy to manage. That’s why we brought in our friends at RudderStack recently for a webinar to discuss how their own product helps Super Senders accomplish this, and all the ways getting your customer data in order can help you do more with it. MessageGears and RudderStack fit well together because we such similar viewpoints on the world of data and marketing — It’s your data, and you should control it. Other ESPs make you copy it, but MessageGears doesn’t. Most CDPs make you copy your data, but RudderStack doesn’t.

So how do you get to the point where you truly have your data centralized and fully under your control? In the webinar, data experts talked through the steps you can take to go from an organization whose data is scattered in a million different places to being one that can move with speed and efficiency to use that data in a way that helps you communicate better to your customers. In this recap, we’ll go into the tips they gave on how to get from here to there.

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Event Recap: Accelerate Customer Marketing Summit

Event Recap: Accelerate Customer Marketing Summit

We’re still coming down off the high of Accelerate earlier this week, our first Customer Marketing Summit and a tremendous opportunity for us to give back to our awesome customers that are doing such great work every day. We had a fantastic turnout of highly engaged attendees, along with an incredibly talented speaker lineup that made you never want to budge from your seat.

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Get Ready For Accelerate: A Customer Marketing Summit

Get Ready for Accelerate: A Customer Marketing Summit

It’s just a few days now until we go live with Accelerate, our first Customer Marketing Summit, coming virtually to computer screens all across the country Sept. 15. We can’t wait to spend the afternoon with some of the world’s foremost experts on messaging, marketing, and creating a personalized, immersive experience for your customers. Invitees will learn how to do their jobs better, some will walk away with prizes, and we’ll have surprises in store throughout the day.

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Webinar Recap: Segment And Activate Your 360 Customer Data

Webinar Recap: Segment and Activate Your 360 Customer Data

When you’re trying to send personalized messaging campaigns across various channels, testing to ensure success is one of your biggest challenges. But it’s also essential so you know you’re not flying blind, and the only way to get it right is to have the correct combination of tools at your disposal.

In our latest webinar, we joined with our partners at Havas Helia to explain how MessageGears Segment combines with their SmartDesign approach to empower marketers to do more with the customer data they’ve collected, and why it’s so difficult to do for many marketers.

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Study: Brands Aren’t Meeting Consumer Standards For Email Personalization

Study: Brands aren’t meeting consumer standards for email personalization

By now, consumers are well aware of the potential for how brands can use customer data to communicate with them in a more personalized way. Every day, in their inboxes and on their phones, they bear witness to both the best and worst examples of brands trying to bring more relevance to their cross-channel marketing. And each time they receive a brand message that utilizes their data in a clever, positive, and responsible manner, it raises their expectations for future brand communications.

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Webinar Recap: MLB Teams Transform With Fan 360 Data On Snowflake

Webinar Recap: MLB Teams Transform with Fan 360 Data on Snowflake

Marketers whose success depends on access to accurate, robust customer data have understood for a while now the importance of having that data consolidated into one centralized point of storage. But that value isn’t always easy to quantify and put into numbers that the average marketer can fully understand.

In our latest webinar, Aron Clymer (Founder & CEO, Data Clymer) shared the work his company did with Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants, utilizing the capabilities of modern data platform Snowflake to give their Marketing and Sales teams the ability to use it in ways they never could before — and with impressive results to go along with it.

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Webinar Recap: Content As Data And The Brand Maturity Model

Webinar Recap: Content as Data and the Brand Maturity Model

One thing the most innovative marketers are learning is that mere personalization isn’t always enough to send messaging campaigns that truly resonate with your customer. You need to go beyond the behavior and understand the why. In our latest webinar, Michele Grant (CEO, co-founder of Block + Tackle) joined us to discuss the future of content as data, and why it’s essential that you contextualize the customer experience in order to send the types of messaging campaigns that really deliver results.

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Why Thoughtful Personalization Is Even More Important Today

Why Thoughtful Personalization is Even More Important Today

Savvy marketers have seen the winds blowing toward personalization as more a necessity than a “nice to have” over the past decade, as various technological advances have made it more possible than ever before to send marketing campaigns that make your customers feel like you understand their particular needs.

And the more enterprise brands that take advantage of that technology, the more expectations rise for you to do the same.

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Webinar Recap: Balancing Privacy And Personalization In Your Emails

Webinar Recap: Balancing Privacy and Personalization in Your Emails

When it comes to email marketing, consumer expectations have never been higher for personalization, or for data privacy. If you think this seems like a paradox, you may be right. The very customer data that enables you to send the types of highly tailored content your customers crave can also make your brand seem creepy if you cross the line for any individual on your list. It can seem like a losing battle, though, for some, to the point that some brands almost give up entirely, sending bulk mailings that don’t stand out in today’s crowded inbox. So what’s the solution?

In our recent webinar, email industry veteran Angela Vega (Senior Marketing Manager, Vrbo) revealed five key guidelines that can help you deliver content your customers will love (and that will lead them to buy) while respecting the security of their data at the same time. Here’s a look at those guidelines and how each can contribute to managing the tricky personalization vs. privacy balance.

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Marketing Lessons Learned In A Time Of Crisis

Marketing Lessons Learned in a Time of Crisis

With COVID-19 temporarily changing the lives of everyone across the world, people are on edge as the crisis unfolds. Unlike so many disasters of the past, this time there isn’t anyone who isn’t impacted.

It’s a sad reality that major events like this happen often — pandemics, hurricanes, earthquakes, violence, terrorism, etc. — and we as marketers can be so involved in our day-to-day operations that we lose sight of the fact that each email we send (even if it’s sent as part of a larger automated program) lands in the inbox of a real person the crisis is impacting. And, even if they’re not directly impacted in some cases, they may be sensitive to certain content. It’s not hard to spot when a brand isn’t showing empathy toward those affected, and that can turn anybody off.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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