MessageGears Enhances Direct Connection To Data By Interfacing With Google BigQuery API

MessageGears Enhances Direct Connection to data by interfacing with Google BigQuery API

The MessageGears marketing console is an enterprise Java application that connects directly to Customer data sources to allow our users to segment users and personalize messages. Traditionally, we have leveraged JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) drivers to standardize connectivity to dozens of traditional and modern databases, which work well across nearly any standard data source and give us the flexibility to connect to dozens of customer data stores.

Today, however, MessageGears now fully integrates with the Google BigQuery API to support faster and more efficient data transfer to power our Segment, Message, and Engage products.

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What Makes Email More Reliable With MessageGears?

What makes email more reliable with MessageGears?

What should be the last thing a marketer should have to worry about when designing and building a portfolio of rich messages and orchestrating them for ideal delivery?  The uptime of their message service provider. It’s 2020 and, sadly, not all companies plan for near 100% uptime. Uptime and reliability for message delivery is an assumed quality that every vendor has, until it’s not there and your Black Friday, Holiday or Limited Time offers are either delayed or not delivered.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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