Personal Interactions Enhance The Customer Experience

Personal Interactions Enhance the Customer Experience

While growing up, my mom told me that when we first engage in a discussion with someone that we just meet, we listen to the person introducing themselves, we pay attention to what they say, and their body language. Then, we talk using empathy and relate to the person in a meaningful and sincere way.

When it comes to messaging and technology, it’s the same thing, and most of the digital messaging tools have been created with the idea of enabling interaction with a large number of people.

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3 Ways To Realize Your Marketing Email’s Untapped Potential

3 Ways to Realize Your Marketing Email’s Untapped Potential

As a digital marketing channel, email is the oldest way to communicate with customers. “You’ve got mail” brought people closer to brands, and marketers have been using this channel the same way for 20 years with almost constant engagement results. Just like in any discussion between two people, we should think of email as a communication medium that evolves. An effective communication is on time, adds value to your recipient, and reaches the inbox when you press Send. In the case of companies, it’s the same, and here are three ways to increase your email performance:
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5 Ways Data Is Making Marketing Personalization Better

5 Ways Data is Making Marketing Personalization Better

Better personalization begets better marketing. Brands and marketers have both been well aware of this fact for a long time. It’s why “personalization” has been one of the biggest marketing industry buzzwords for the better part of the last half-decade. But what does personalization actually look like? There was a time not too long ago where adding a subscriber’s first name to an email was considered a marketing personalization coup. Things have become much more complicated since then.

Today’s consumer has developed a completely different pattern of purchase behavior. With that pattern has come a whole new set of consumer expectations.

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7 Behavior-Triggered Emails Every Marketer Should Be Sending

7 Behavior-Triggered Emails Every Marketer Should Be Sending

Email marketing is a dialogue, a conversation between one brand and one consumer. It’s a conversation that can seem a bit one-sided at times, but it’s a conversation nonetheless. And, in almost every case, the onus of keeping the conversation going falls squarely upon the shoulders of the brand.

But who wants to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t listen? Nobody.

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How Nimble Enterprises Can Win Through The Inbox

How Nimble Enterprises Can Win Through The Inbox

Businesses use email marketing to engage, re-sell, upsell, and create long-term experiences with customers. Customers are used to receiving highly individualized messages from brands they know and trust. In some cases, smaller and mid-sized businesses do this better than the global enterprises. Why? The more data you have as a marketer, the more difficult it is to be nimble. It’s far more complicated to manage and utilize your customers’ information properly. Many enterprises have so much information to use in personalization that they find it difficult to get personalization right. The pressure is on as consumers expect larger, well-known brands to be the leaders and trendsetters when it comes to delivering a relevant experience.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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