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The Relevancy Group Names MessageGears A Top Martech Innovator

The Relevancy Group Names MessageGears a Top Martech Innovator

MessageGears was named one of the top martech innovators of 2018 in a recent report issued by The Relevancy Group.…

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Chick-fil-A: Email Is Our Biggest Driver Of Keeping Somebody Engaged

Chick-fil-A: Email is Our Biggest Driver of Keeping Somebody Engaged

We decided to partner with MessageGears which has allowed us to personalize some of our emails. So today, it’s about…

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Caring For Customers Personally Through Email

Caring for Customers Personally Through Email

“Knowing your customer” is not just a marketing cliché but a mission first defined by Chick-fil-A’s founder and CEO decades…

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MessageGears Unveils New Email Marketing Data Security Encryption Feature For Email Marketing

MessageGears Unveils New Email Marketing Data Security Encryption Feature for Email Marketing

MessageGears has launched a new user data security feature for Accelerator, the company’s award-winning email marketing platform. The new feature…

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3 Email ROI Metrics Retailers Often Ignore

3 email ROI metrics retailers often ignore

Retailers expend a great deal of effort measuring the sales impact of their email campaigns. Retail marketers will run A/B…

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3 Roadblocks For Effectively Using Customer Data For Personalization

3 Roadblocks for Effectively Using Customer Data for Personalization

In a world where customers are expecting personalized communication, more customer data means more complex marketing programs. Unfortunately, for large…

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