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MessageGears is the only cross-channel messaging platform exclusively built for today’s enterprise. We empower the world’s most demanding marketers to deliver more relevant messages, faster and more flexibly than legacy cloud ESPs. Our unique Hybrid technology connects directly with a company’s existing database, enabling marketers to maximize the value of their customer data in real time – no syncing required.


We address the unique needs of the enterprise.

Large B2C organizations deal with specific challenges when it comes to cross-channel marketing. We build technology that allows these businesses to take advantage of their internal data while efficiently leveraging the cloud for the heavy lifting. No copying. No back and forth. No time wasted. That’s marketing at the scale of big business.


We value strong, long-term relationships.

We’re stronger as a team when our customers and team members feel invested in building a relationship over time. It’s about people, and how we can help them take that next step toward their marketing and organizational goals. We believe that sort of support leads to long-term trust and respect, and we believe that benefits everyone involved.

Everything MessageGears does is geared toward the short- and long-term success of their customers

We take pride in our customers' success.

Our company was built around the idea that enterprise organizations faced major issues with scaling their email and mobile marketing programs. We knew there was a better way, so we created it. Our customers’ success validates what we set out to do from the beginning, and shows us each day that we truly do have a mission and a purpose. And our customers’ success is everything we care about.

Product Demo

Live Webinar

Our product demo gives an overview of our cross-channel messaging platform, built to exceed the stringent data and personalization standards of Super Senders.

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