Segment. Message. Engage.

The only customer marketing platform that attaches
directly to your enterprise data warehouse

A modern platform built for data-driven marketers
MessageGears has three products that help marketers remove barriers to data and transform the way they communicate with their customers
Build advanced segments and export to 3rd-party tools
Orchestrate compelling cross-channel marketing campaigns at scale
Unlock and activate customer and offer data in real time

You need to reach your customers before, during, and after their trip. MessageGears’ solution lets enterprise marketers hit the right customers at the right time.

Your customers’ data is sacred, and you can’t risk sending it back and forth to the cloud. MessageGears allows you to keep all your data secure, and still send email at scale.

When consumers need that last nudge to become customers, you have to have communications ready for the task. MessageGears has the speed and flexibility to help you prepare tailored messages that convert.

When you’re in the tech field, there’s no time to let yourself be hamstrung by traditional cloud ESP solutions. MessageGears can give you the flexibility and reliability you need to move faster than your competitors, and wow your customers.

MessageGears helps enterprise companies in travel industry reach customers with timely messages
MessageGears helps finance-related enterprise organizations keep data secure while still sending timely, relevant emails to customers
MessageGears' technology allows enterprise retail businesses overcome the limits of cloud-based services to send timely, personalized email at scale to their customers
MessageGears helps enterprise technology companies keep up with the pace of their competitors and reach their customers with messages that build loyalty and brand trust
Mst Headshot 300×300

The ability to be able to just think, “What do we want to do?” and trust that MessageGears' technology can do it is a fairly fundamental game-changer for us.

David Daniels

MessageGears’ hybrid email marketing solution is the answer for clients with massive amounts of ever-changing data and/or concerned with data security.

Emily Randall (Chick Fil A)

MessageGears’ innovative solution helps us send industry-leading email campaigns while allowing us to protect sensitive customer data.

MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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