Welcome to the Future of Enterprise Email Marketing.

Email Marketing for the Data-Driven Enterprise Marketer

Today’s data-driven enterprise marketer benefits from unlimited opportunities to directly engage with prospects and customers through email. But safely reaching millions of people with time-sensitive, personalized messages has historically been challenging.

Until Now.

MessageGears is the first and only email marketing solution of its kind. By combining the power and security of on-premises software with the efficiency and scalability of cloud delivery, we enable marketers to capitalize on every email. The results are truly the best of both worlds. Through easily installed software, MessageGears provides extraordinary data integration, the industry’s tightest security, unprecedented cost-savings, and proven revenue generation opportunities.


Make Customer Data Actionable

MessageGears’ hybrid solution offers unlimited database access since the marketing application resides behind your internal firewall, connecting directly to your existing source database. Our software (Accelerator) connects directly to any local/remote database, data warehouse, eCommerce system, or content management system. There is no need to extract, transform, or load customer data into our system; no need to move or replicate data. Plus, MessageGears doesn’t store any of it!

Audience-AddConnection  Audience-DatabaseConnections

Direct, Secure Access to Data

  • Direct access to all customer data
  • No need to copy data to send to ESP
  • Use live, complete customer data in emails
  • Customer data remains secure behind your firewall

Improve Segmentation & Targeting

In Accelerator, the database connection is set quickly and easily. Once that is in place, the entire database schema is available for segmentation and targeting. Initial SQL statements to expose certain data points are put in place and specific criteria/parameters can be set, giving the marketing team an easy way to target without writing any SQL.

Audience-Segmentation  Campaign-Setup

Advanced Segmentation & Targeting

  • Segment based on any number of criteria in your database
  • Create campaign triggers to automate messages based on specific actions

Increase Relevancy with Dynamic Content

Use one or multiple tables for content personalization (i.e. localized deals or events). HTML can be edited with FreeMarker template language, which allows every email to be unique based on recipient info.

Campaign-Overview  Content-HTML  Content-PersonalizationEdit  Content-Editor  Content-FilterResults  Content-InboxPreview  Content-PersonalizationGuide  Content-SubjectPreview  Content-TemplateOverview

Dynamic Content for Personalized Messaging

  • Use multiple tables for content (i.e. localized deals or events)
  • FreeMarker template language allows every email to be unique based on recipient info

Utilize Real-Time Data Feeds & Analytics

MessageGears’ Accelerator software provides a wealth of reports in multiple places. The dashboard view displays all account-level metrics, showing opens, clicks, bounces, and more for both marketing and transactional/triggered campaigns. Within the specific job, all job/campaign metrics are provided (including opens, clicks, bounces, etc.). In addition to data that is provided in Accelerator, MessageGears provides the ability to consume all of the detailed behavioral data in real-time with our real-time data feeds.

Audience-RealTimeData  Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.45.58 PM

Real-time Data & Analytics:

  • See job activity in real-time, including deliverability metrics
  • Opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints, and more
  • Address problems as they happen instead of hours or days later
  • All data is fed back into your internal database or BI tool