MessageGears’ delivery capabilities are a force to be reckoned with. We send millions of messages each month, and have yet to experience any lag time or incomplete sends no matter how much we scale up. With our massive amounts of customer data, it is critical that emails are sent on time and securely. MessageGears not only delivers on both of these fronts, but has also been very proactive in monitoring our performance. The supportive attention and solid execution they are able to provide has provided us unparalleled value.

Erin Glabets - Director of Marketing, Runkeeper

We looked at virtually every email service provider on the market and chose MessageGears for our application. MessageGears gives us excellent performance, deliverability and support at prices that make us competitive. Our development team found the MessageGears API to be extremely flexible and the MessageGears team works with us as we need additional features. MessageGears is more than just a supplier, they are a true partner.

John Gravely - CEO, ClickDimensions

We've been seeing the maturation of the sophistication of the marketer. People have much more complex data integration needs then they did even just a couple of years ago. The need for the marketer to aggregate all of their multichannel data and then communicate efficiently with their customers and personalize that message makes MessageGears uniquely qualified. Clients spoke about MessageGears being completely attentive to their needs, adding new features quickly and deploying them in record time.

David Daniels - CEO, The Relevancy Group