Integrated, Powerful, Secure

MessageGears is an innovative, hybrid email marketing solution. It combines the power, integration, and security of an on premise solution with the scalability and convenience of The Cloud. Keep your data safely where it belongs.

MessageGears Accelerator

Accelerator is our on-premise, enterprise email marketing software. It connects seamlessly to your internal databases and to the MessageGears Cloud to provide a solution that is extremely powerful, yet easy to install and manage.

Marketing Email

Use our on premise software to integrate directly with your customer databases.  No more synchronization delays, no more missing data.  Message assembly, delivery, and tracking happens in the MessageGears Cloud making the on premise software quick and easy to install and manage.

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Transactional Email

Our revolutionary transactional email solution allows you to completely separate message content from your IT team’s development processes.  This empowers the marketing team to change, test, and deploy transactional content in the same manner as their marketing email.

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APIs & Automation

We offer a comprehensive set of APIs that allow you to quickly and easily build your own email marketing solution.  Build your own bulk or transactional email solution and let us take care of deliverability and ISP relationships.  We even have APIs to power dashboards and real time data feeds.

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Send millions of highly personalized messages per hour

Our Cloud-based delivery system scales quickly and easily to handle the needs of the highest volume senders.  Jobs are split up and can be sent out using a virtually unlimited number of servers.  No job is too large, and no content assembly process too complex.


Exceeding 99.9% Uptime and Availability

Our services were designed from the ground-up to be highly available.  Our systems are fully geographically redundant and are monitored from multiple locations around the world.


None of your data is stored in our service

Your sensitive customer data is never stored outside of your own database.  The only data to leave your business is that which is needed to assemble the messages to be delivered.  As soon as the mail is sent, the job data is deleted.

Maximum Deliverability

We manage your ISP relationships

Our team of email deliverability experts are constantly monitoring your email reputation.  If any issues are detected, we work with the ISPs on your behalf to have the issues resolved.  You ‘ll have dedicated IP addresses fully white-labeled with your business domain.  You won’t achieve better inbox results anywhere else.

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